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An English Proverb says, "Every family keeps a skeleton in their closet."
Gladys ought to discover their skeletons. She is running out of time...
Gladys Vernon was a strange guest in one of Dr. Shadow’s buildings…
Only by reading an entire thriller of the mystery series, one will finally get a grasp of the plot.
The main good character would be patiently investigating, in order to eventually bring the corruption cases and missing people in the highlights to the public views.
Gladys, a lovely private investigator and writer in her late 30’s, was sleeping soundly when she suddenly awoke with a loud shout. Her pretty face and body were drenched by sweat, like cold rain dripping beneath the blankets, because she knew that her investigations would be basically held in dangerous foreign places.
Another dreadful nightmare haunted Gladys peaceful dreams. So, newborn ideas had begotten...
She rose from bed at once, after saying her morning Christian prayers. She took a quick shower and had a hasty breakfast. Then, she anxiously headed for the little room upstairs in the terrace of the tower building, where she would be investigating files and paper work, which were hidden somewhere, revealing highly corrupted business as the main evidence.

Protocols had been loaded in shelves between the walls, and also piled up without supervision.
Many undisclosed secrets had been hidden from Gladys, and there would be eventually revealed about whatever she had been looking for so long.
Gladys held the key, which was placed in one of the drawers downstairs in the apartment. She rushed into the little mysterious room upstairs in the terrace, and opened the door.
She had noticed another door -like a second door- connected with the little room, as if it were a tunnel or a passageway or a deadly trap to many so called unknown plights.
At first glance, Gladys found Ivonne’s old photos, assorted letters, tapes, heaps of books, files and other belongings. She began to take pictures of the room and files with her small concealed camera, which was also a computer directly connected to the ones who held power in New York. She pressed her password number, plus her agent code, and the enter key. All the information was already sent to New York. Unfortunately, those guys never washed their dirty linen in public, and when their folks got on the weeds, they washed their hands ignoring them and the events involved.  The material was written in a foreign language. Gladys spoke many languages, so that sort of barrier was not a problem. Anyway, there had not been much advancement in her private investigation, and no relevant clues were found yet to make her feel proud of herself, until a little touch of luck blew up her mind, like a blast into an outburst of new beginnings. Her heart pounded harder than usual, a blaze of anger embraced her whole being, transforming Gladys into a torch of fire. However, those feelings of frustrations were not in vain.  She would put them aside and set her mind to send fears and negative thoughts to oblivion. All little parts of the puzzle would be put together wisely, to blaze a trail to achieve solutions to the problems. Gladys was the one who would orchestrate and organize her own thoughts, and deal with the ordeals.
Premises of her arguments were basically premonitions coming from her mind in the form of prophecies. To her surprise, she found a letter from Dr. Shadow in one of the shelves addressed
to Gladys.  So, she rushed to open it and began to read the letter, which touched the core of her heart.
"Dear Gladys,
You have been my deepest obsession from the very first time I caught a glimpse of your sweet face. I don´t want to hurt you. I would rather help you to achieve your dreams, although our lives may go on separate ways. Remember! You may not see me, but I´ll be watching you anywhere you may go. You are free now to do whatever you want. But, you´ll be surprised at what you are about to discover. I know you are a brave woman. This is the reason why I´ve left this letter here with a message for you. I knew you would be up in this secret room looking for something. So, I´ll try to make things easier for you. “Are you looking for the protocols, Gladys?”
Now, go ahead to the end of this room. You´ll see a wall, so push it inwardly really hard with all your strength. That wall will lead you to a secret passageway where the protocols are placed in shelves. You are brave, so take a deep breath, go in there and search for some clues for yourself. That wall will only open up and close at my command, and these words will vanish just in front of your eyes as soon as you finish reading them. A recording of my voice will soon begin to play.
Well, good luck, Gladys!
You will also find a blue box in one of the shelves inside the secret room.  Open it up, and take the money that I have already left there for your expenses. I give you a piece of advice: Under no circumstances, let them see your real face, the real you. Do not talk to them! They will surely destroy you. They are very dangerous people.
Good Luck! You can easily realize that I love you, Gladys!"
In a matter of just a few seconds, the letter written with invisible ink vanished in front of her eyes. Then, her journey to the unknown had begun...
With a petrified stare, Gladys found herself facing a mysterious solid wall in front of her eyes.
What is it behind those walls? She wondered.
She walked towards the end of the room and faced the archaeological wall, which would lead the path to another mysterious room, or tunnel, or secret passageway.
The wall opened up without a single touch, as if someone had been watching Gladys from somewhere else. She slowly began to walk into that passageway.
Gladys trembled, as she walked into the tunnel of the unknown, a strange labyrinth, or a secret passageway, or a chamber of horror. The view was creepy frightening, and the door suddenly closed on her. She was apparently trapped...
This story shall continue...
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