Saturday, October 16, 2010


I used to live and teach American English abroad...
I would like to share the recollection of my experience, so that others may benefit with it. The aim of these lessons is to provide the overseas student with a wide variety of suitable material with practice and progress for essay and composition. The subject-matter is so arranged that the student will be able to work systematically at the writing of English with proficiency in continous prose over a long period of time. A great number of clues, written exercises and topics will help students to develop and acquire a solid background and experience in order to achieve their writing personal goals.
The seed of good ideas will make a good harvest. A flourishing title should be the first door to enhance a thought provoking story enclosed which may engage the reader's eyes at first glance. The way you set up your framework and lie the tale in an interesting manner will be the key, the open door to a successful and promising writing career.
Good Luck!!
Starry Dawn.

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